Lola, creator of Disfruta la Vida Ibiza

I am Lola, from Monaco and I've always been passionate about fashion. After studying fashion design, I worked as a costume designer in Paris, enriching my experience in audiovisual and theatre. My journey took me to Ibiza, where I created 'Disfruta La Vida', a brand that merges the elegance of costume with the depth of characters.


Our brand is an explosion of authenticity, artistry and individuality. For us, each piece is much more than just a piece of clothing: it is a unique piece of art, born from a crazy passion and an inspiring journey. Our creative quest begins with a treasure hunt for rare and wonderful fabrics, unearthed from all over the world. These fabrics are our canvas, woven with memories and emotions.

The soul of our creations? Our collaborations with talented artists, especially female artists from Ibiza. Their artistic visions are transformed into patches that we carefully integrate into the back of our clothes. Each patch is a celebration: of emancipation, of creativity, of feminine strength.

When you choose us, you wear much more than a fashion item. You take on a story, a vision, a piece of the artist's soul. You become the voice of these stories, a living symbol of individuality and a passionate advocate for art.

Our brand is a reflection of the beauty of uniqueness, a rich blend of world cultures, an ode to feminine art. Fashion, in our opinion, is a form of personal expression, a vibrant tribute to creativity, a celebration of diversity.

With Disfruta La Vida Ibiza, each piece tells a story, each fabric has its story, and each customer becomes an ambassador of the exceptional.